Confirming the booking

For confirming your booking, 20% of non-refundable deposit is required from total fee to secure your booking. This amount is deducted from your balance and rest of payment will be paid in cash on due day or before the event via EFT. If the deposit is not received within 5days after trial, the time slot will be open for the other purposes.

Skip the trial

Without a trial run I cannot ensure top quality work for you as a client and myself as an artist. I really want you to look the most beautiful on your wedding day.
Also, I can not offer a trial on the same day of your pre-wedding shoot day. We might try several different styles, and there is no way of knowing in advance if the last style of the trial is the one you want for your wedding; I cannot guarantee that you will have the look you want for the photo-shoot.

Postponement & Cancellation

If the wedding/ event is postponed or cancelled, it is client responsibility to inform Mijung by email or phone.
Eighty days notice is required at least. After made a work agreement if any cancelation of the number of people or starting time or dates, there will be penalties applied.


Any parking fee associated with hotel, venue or street parking will be added on the final balance.
Parking fee is a separate item from travel fee

One person Surcharge

If you are the only one person for getting my service there will be $50 extra applied

Early start fee

If you are required to be start from 5.30am, there will be $50 early start fee applied.